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Laurie has lived in both the East and West side of our city and understands that embracing Vancouver's diversity will be instrumental in developing innovative solutions to problems we all face as citizens.

In order for Vancouver to be a livable and welcoming place for all people, regardless of age, background, or disabilities, she believes we must be forward thinking. According to a recent Knight Foundation survey, an open, welcoming community can be a strong indicator of economic prosperity. Collaboration is critical! She will work with our city and regional partners to leverage resources for Vancouver.

Streets, Roads, and Bridges

Laurie has worked on transportation issues for 24 years and gives her perspective on the challenges our city faces. She understands the challenges for regional travel, neighborhood streets, and addressing the needs of all people, whether young or old, drivers or walkers, public transit riders or bikers.

Laurie is committed to work with our regional partners to ensure our freeways and major arterials can safely and efficiently serve both commuters and economic activities. She will work to protect investment in the regional road system by ensuring that traffic can be moved more efficiently through a balanced transportation system. She will fight so our roads effectively serve cars, freight, transit, biking, and walking.

It is Laurie’s belief that it is important to have a safe and livable neighborhood street system that primarily serves local traffic. Complete streets are important to a growing, diverse community like Vancouver. The local street system should serve all modes of transportation safely for families, commuters, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

Laurie looks forward to continue her work with her fellow council members and community stakeholders to set policy that advances transportation infrastructure for our future.

Homelessness and Affordable Housing

Our city faces the same concerns as many other cities nationwide: how do we address the causes and factors that exacerbate homelessness, while keeping in mind the needs of all citizens? Laurie believes Vancouver has taken great steps with the passage of Proposition 1, and believes we need more diverse housing and more thoughtful approaches such as cottage style homes and accessory dwelling units. Until we address our growing affordable housing problem, we will have a difficult time addressing homelessness. She believes that strong neighborhoods should be diverse places where ideally three generations of families can affordably live within walking distance of each other.


Our city is moving forward with some incredible projects such as the Waterfront Development, Fourth Plain Forward, and the Lower Grand Employment Action Plan. These are all thoughtful projects that create economic vitality, small business growth, and offer excellent job growth opportunities. Laurie will work with citizens to ensure Vancouver is a prime destination for businesses and ensure that our regional workforce is prepared to do the work. Skilled labor creates family wage jobs, and as a union member, Laurie supports opportunities to make our city a better place for those who live here.


Supporting open green space, protecting our natural environment and safe places for kids to play are all key priorities. Laurie works everyday to promote trails, sidewalks, and bike lanes. She also understands how to ensure park master plans are not just a document that sits on a shelf, but implemented and brought to reality so they can be enjoyed by all. Parks are important to support both community livability and as a tool for economic development. Vancouver is well known for its parks and trails, and Laurie will seek ways to enhance our dynamic system.

Aging in Place

According to the US census, by 2030 a full quarter of US residents will be over the age of 60.  Laurie supports forward-thinking ways to help people age in place, such as age-friendly home-design concepts, reviewing comprehensive plan standards to anticipate the needs of citizens, and creating opportunities for alternative accessible housing for our seniors. Along with progressive transportation system, we can help Vancouver become an age friendly place for all citizens in the city.

City Budget

Laurie believes in a mission driven budget with prioritized spending based on need. One of the challenges we face today is investment in long-range growth planning. Laurie’s employment experience will help our city create a balanced approach to our immediate budgetary needs, keeping in mind our future economic realities.  She supports efforts to ensure the City’s funding is sustainable in the long-run and operates at the appropriate level of service our community deserves.

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