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Councilwoman Laurie Lebowsky is one of the few local public servants that can articulate well on social justice issues that affect many residents in Vancouver. Laurie is not afraid to put herself in a place of vulnerability to listen & understand the Vancouver community. This ability is not always found in every person and it is enlightening to see this quality found in one of Vancouver’s public servants, Laurie. This is what I, as a community resident & advocate, like to see in our local community leaders: an ability to be empathetic while retaining that community passion! Vote for Councilwoman Laurie Lebowsky, because Laurie’s got you! #LaurieGotYou! – Carmen McKibben, Vancouver Resident & Community Leader

Laurie is an energetic, compassionate and caring person. She has excellent analytical skills , insight and compassion. We will be well served by her continued service. – Terry Lee, Vancouver Resident

2018 Endorsements

Steve Stuart, Manager, City of Ridgefield and Former Clark County Council
Katie Archer Jolma, President of the Clark County Democratic Women
Kathy Gillespie
Victoria Work
Carol Keljo
David Adelson
William Dickey
Joseph Howell
Mary Lou Mullin
Jane Jacobsen
Sesha Madugula
Syman Pataria
Marian Anderson
Janet Landesberg
Asghar Sadri
Josh Egan
Chuck Green
Michele Wollert
Scott Kershaw
Mark Brown
Oliver Hidden
Robert Higbie
Charles Frayer
Paul Schwabe
Constance Winters
Charles Ingham
Mike Briggs
Paulina Oberg
Drew Tracy
Jennifer Reynolds
Terry Lee
Scott Huotari
Jan Verrinder
Mark Didrickson
Joe Tanner
Michelle Bart
Arch Miller
George Francisco
Carol Keljo
Al Bauer, former State Representative for the 49th Legislative District
Marjorie Ledell
Paul Montague
Jenna Kay
Susan Benson
Joel Rubin
Roy Jennings
Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters
Laborers Local 335
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757
Council 2 AFSCME
Thomas Lineham
Andrey V Bogdanov
Diane Ashton
Kris L Greene
Madeleine von Laue
Jan Verrinder


Retain Laurie Lebowsky