Laurie Lebowsky is honored to represent you as a Vancouver City Council member and has proudly made Vancouver her home, starting in 2006. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Michigan State University, she moved to the Pacific Northwest and through a hard-earned scholarship, obtained a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from Portland State University.

Laurie has a strong understanding of the challenges facing the entire city, after residing in east Vancouver she is now a proud homeowner in the Lincoln neighborhood with her husband, Brad. Laurie learned firsthand about a strong work ethic by watching her mother support their young family as a line worker at Chrysler while her father pursued his education. Laurie has passed on those values to her stepchildren Justin and Amanda. Justin has a degree in mechanical engineering and Amanda is attending the University of Washington majoring in marketing.

She has made her life’s work making her community a better place to live.  She is recognized as a transportation expert and has made traffic congestion, creating reliable commute times, and making streets safe for seniors, children and the disabled a priority.

In addition to serving as your representative on city council, Laurie is an engaged advocate and volunteer who has worked with nonprofits and organizations that make our community healthy and vibrant. She was chair of Clark County Public Health Advisory Council, vice president of Bike Clark County, taught bicycle and pedestrian safety classes to middle school students at McLoughlin, Discovery, and Wy’East. Laurie is an active member of the Vancouver chapters of the NAACP, ACLU, and Columbia Riverkeepers.

Laurie is dedicated to teamwork, and knows that we can only succeed by working together. Throughout her professional career, she has proven her ability to lead, collaborate, and add value to the projects she leads. Laurie is committed and is invested in the success of Vancouver and will continue to work for a brighter future!

Download the PDF of Laurie’s bio here.


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